Mar 20, 2011

MLB Dynasty 2011: Draft Results

The MLB Dynasty 2011 live draft is done and an exciting new season lies ahead of us.  We had a great turnout in the league with 8 out of 10 managers present for the majority of the draft.  Although many of us have played in rotisserie leagues in the past, this is the first time that us as a group have done it together.

Many people, including myself, find the live draft to be one of the most exciting parts of the fantasy season.  We have a week and a half before the opening pitch of the regular season, so while you're getting ready for that feel free to discuss the draft and add your comments here.

We won't be able to say with certainty how good or bad a certain pick was until the season is over, but as of now let's discuss some of the steals/reaches of the draft.  Here are some of the great picks that stand out to me.
  • Mark Teixeira (18.9 Average Draft Position) going with the 22nd pick was great for King Musabi.  If he bounces back from a career low batting average expect the rest of his stats, and his value, to go up even more.
  • I (Stealing Home) was very happy to get Jacoby Ellsbury in the 7th round.  Even though Jacoby Ellsbury has an ADP of 86.6 and he was taken with the 63rd pick, if he can bounce back to pre-injury stats he will have fantastic value for where he was taken... if he can remain healthy.
  • One year removed from one of his best seasons ever, Francisco Liriano (82.8 ADP) was a great pick by Tighansak with the 78th pick.
  • Kendrys Morales (61.0 ADP) may miss the first couple of weeks of the season as he finishes up his recovery from last season's injury, but he is still a solid pick for Angels with the 92nd pick.
  • While there is a bit of risk in taking Brian Roberts (117.1 ADP) there is potential here to get a ton of value for this pick by JaRed Sox with the 122nd pick.
  • With the number of superstar first baseman available in baseball, Paul Konerko (90.2 ADP) can easily slip under the radar.  Not for heart BRAYkers, who was able to snag him up with the 129th pick.
  • Brett Gardner (129.9 ADP) is not the biggest star on the Yankees, but he proved last season that he can produce just as well as the stars.  Great pick by Team Savage with the 153rd pick. 
There were plenty more great value picks in the draft.  Anyone else see any good ones?

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  1. Jesse, nice analysis on what was a wonderful draft. I love how there are some managers who pick the same players every year, like me and Jon Lester or Blair and Ervin Santana.

    JaRed Sox