Oct 17, 2010

President Boyd K. Packer's General Conference Address

I have never seen such public outrage over a talk delivered in an LDS General Conference than after Boyd K. Packer's October 2010 Sunday morning talk.  Surely the political developments of the last few years have caused many people to be more aware of the topic of homosexuality, which is the topic that President Packer spoke on (among others) that caused so much public outrage.

President Packer's remarks on homosexuality were not the first of their kind.  I am not sure, but I would estimate that the topic of homosexuality has been spoken of at least 34,582 times prior to President Packer's address.

Spencer W. Kimball spoke very similar words to President Packer's in his book The Miracle of Forgiveness.  One section of his book reads:
But let us emphasize that right and wrong, righteousness and sin, are not dependent upon man's interpretations, conventions, and attitudes.  Social acceptance does not change the status of an act, making wrong into right.  If all the people in the world were to accept homosexuality, as it seems to have been accepted in Sodom and Gomorrah, the practice would still be deep, dark sin.
A couple pages later President Kimball says more on the topic:
Clearly [homosexuality] is hostile to God's purpose in that it negates his first and great commandment to "multiply and replenish the earth."  If the abominable practice became universal it would depopulate the earth in a single generation.  It would nullify God's great program for his spirit children in that it would leave countless unembodied spirits in the heavenly world without the chance for the opportunities of mortality and would deny to all the participants in the practice the eternal life God makes available to us all.
Make no mistake, President Kimball does not mince words anywhere in his book, and he makes no exception for the topic of homosexuality.

But as always the beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ is that no matter what type of corrections in life one needs to make, God and the Savior Christ are always waiting with undying patience and open arms to welcome us back into their fold.