Jul 19, 2010

Repost: "Why I Still Bleed Dodger Blue This Morning"

Here is a beautifully written piece over at True Blue LA chronicling one fan's Dodger fandom geneology. It's a great read. Here's an excerpt to get you interested (click here for the full article):
In 1947, Jackie Robinson came to the big leagues. Who doesn't know that? That fall, the Dodgers took on the Yankees in the World Series, the first of those epic contests that were to define post-World War II baseball. A long way from New York City, in a small, unremarkable Virginia town called Elliston, the employees at the local meat-packing plant decided to have a World Series pool. But there was a problem--no one in that southern plant would put any money on the integrated Dodgers. Finally, the organizers approached the woman who would someday be my grandmother. Until that moment, she had never paid any attention to organized sports. But as her co-workers explained the situation, she found herself growing angry. And she finally exploded, saying in the polite vernacular of the times, "Good Lord! We don't let the colored people do anything else. Why can't we at least let them play baseball?" And with that she pulled a dollar out of her purse and placed it on the team from Brooklyn.

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