Jul 28, 2010

Doing Data Entry for Family History

A few weeks ago I was listening to a man at church instruct about various ways to help out the family history cause. I have always been interested in personally compiling my own family history, though admittedly it is not one of my top priorities.

In the middle of his lesson, though, he mentioned something about being able to to indexing, or data entry, for the church's unindexed family history records right from your home via an internet connection. I was interested. Especially since I now know myself to be very proficient at data entry thanks to my data entry -- er, accounting -- internship.  :-)

I went over to the Family Search website later that day and found a link to what he as talking called "Help create free public access to the U.S. census indexes and other records!" It turns out that yes, we can help out even in a small way with genealogy. If you go to that link above and follow the instructions it will walk you through everything you need to do to register and start helping out.

It is interesting, too, since you get to pick what specific records you want to index. There are lots of different types of records you can index; some as 'generic' as World War II draft cards (classified as "Beginning" level) and others as complex as Philippine birthing records from the 1700's ("Advanced" level).

If you are a novice to indexing they walk you through the process with very specific instructions and lots of examples. And if you somehow get a record that you just can't make out, there is always a "Return Batch" option.  :)

Here's the link again if you are interested:


  1. Thanks for the links and the great information! It's so great to be able to do this from you own home!