Mar 11, 2009


I was out recently with another member of our ward hometeaching. He said something about prayer that was very profound. In short, this is what he had to say:

Prayer is a valuable tool for us to not only communicate with our Father in Heaven, but to strengthen our faith and testimony in Him and His Son. Consider the people in olden times who did not have personal sets of the scriptures to study and go to as a source of strength every day. Their main source of strength and faith-building was solely through their personal prayers with our Father in Heaven.

I had never really looked at prayer like this before. I do pray daily, and this communion I have with our Father in Heaven is very beneficial. However, I feel that by just including this new perspective in how I view prayer, I will be able to substantially increase the potential benefits of my daily prayers.

Thanks for your message, Brett.

Mar 7, 2009

We watched this video from Fred Thompson in my business finance class. It was amusing. I especially like his "Yes We Can" knock. :)

New Friends

You know those people where you see them all over the place, either at work, school, or near your home, and you always seem to be crossing paths but you never get around to introducing yourself and getting to know them? Then once you do meet them and talk with them, you quickly realize they're someone you wish you would've gotten to know better from the first day you saw them.

There's been a couple new people I've gotten to know much better this semester at school, and they fit that profile to a 'T' that I was just describing. Just friendly, helpful, genuinely good people. I really do wish I would've taken the initiative to have gotten to know them better when I first started seeing them. They encourage me not to 'judge a book by its cover' and be friendly and open to all people I come in contact with.