Feb 8, 2009

"A-Roid" Not Alone

Yesterday, Sports Illustrated shocked the baseball world with their article alleging that Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids in 2003.  A-Rod is on pace to surpass Barry "Mr. Steroid" Bonds as the all-time home run leader, which all within baseball are were excited for since Bonds is dirty and A-Rodis was clean.
Since the news broke, these are some of the news headlines about A-Rod since the news has broke:
OK, OK, we get it, everyone's disappointed and saddened by A-Rod's involvement, whatever it may be, with steroids.  But how truthful is America being in their denouncement of steroids?  Take a look at this map-graph and decide for yourself:

(Click for full-size image.)

The question posed in a poll by ESPN is this: "If it guaranteed you a $250M contract like Alex Rodriguez, would you take performance-enhancing drugs?"  What was America's response?  A resounding 2/3 responded with "Yes."  

Um, did I miss something here.  Aren't we the ones who are telling our baseball players to respect the dignity of baseball?  To play honestly and ethically?  That 'winning at all costs' does not include taking steroids?  Yet 2 in every 3 people asked said that they would follow A-Rod's example and take steroids if it translated to landing a big contract.  

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