Nov 14, 2008

LDS Church Urges Respect, Civility in Public Discourse

Today the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued this statement about the democratic process:
Since the people of California voted to reaffirm the sanctity of traditional marriage between a man and a woman on November 4, 2008, places of worship have been targeted by opponents of Proposition 8 with demonstrations and, in some cases, vandalism.  People of faith have been intimidated for simply exercising their democratic rights. These are not actions that are worthy of the democratic ideals of our nation.  The end of a free and fair election should not be the beginning of a hostile response in America. 
The Church is keenly aware of the differences of opinion on this difficult and sensitive matter. The reasons for this principled stand in defense of marriage have already been articulated elsewhere. However, some of what we have seen since Californians voted to pass Proposition 8 has been deeply disappointing. 
Attacks on churches and intimidation of people of faith have no place in civil discourse over controversial issues.  People of faith have a democratic right to express their views in the public square without fear of reprisal.  Efforts to force citizens out of public discussion should be deplored by people of goodwill everywhere. 
We call upon those who have honest disagreements on this issue to urge restraint upon the extreme actions of a few that are further polarizing our communities and urge them to act in a spirit of mutual respect and civility towards each other.

Nov 2, 2008


This was my first Halloween with my own home (aka apartment).  I always thought of myself as the type of person that would have a stockpile of tons of candy to pass out, with some cool decorations and what not.  But it turns out we didn't even stick around our house.  There were some kids who came knocking every once in a while, but it wasn't a steady stream, so we didn't think it'd be fun to just hang out at our house.  Plus, we live in an apartment that doesn't get much foot traffic.

We did at least carve pumpkins.  Well, I did at least.  Lois watched :)

On a much sadder note, Lois beat me twice in a row today at Phase 10!  Both times they were really close games, which made it an even tougher loss.  I've gotta get her back now . . .