Jul 17, 2008

Movie: United Flight 93

Lois and me just got done watching the edited version of the movie United 93.  It is about the 4th plane that was hijacked on 9/11, and eventually crashed into an open field because of some brave passengers.

Every time I see on TV or read in the newspapers about a tragedy where someone dies, even not of this magnitude, I have a hard time feeling sorrow for whoever was involved.  It is not because of a lack of sensitivity (Lois will verify my sensitivity), but because of a disconnection.  I don't know the people who are killed every day.  I have no connection to them.

The same went for the victims of 9/11.  I have seen dozens of stories about some of the victims who died, or about what happened on the airplanes, or the various heroic acts of people who gave their lives on that day to save others.  But I still always felt disconnected from them.

This movie, however, was directed so that it didn't focus so much on how the hijackers carried out their plan, or what they were feeling, but it focused on the passengers.  The tender and emotional conversations that they had with their loved ones as they bid their final farewells, though for the most not verbatim, could be empathized with. After witnessing them attempt to stop the hijackers and save their lives fail, I was left emotionally moved.
Perhaps because I am now married and have my own "family" I can better understand how heart-wrenching it must have been to know  you're never going to see your loved ones again.  Without a doubt, though, this movie left an impression on me.

It may seem silly, but this movie caused a deeper appreciation and reverence for the lives that me and my loved ones have been granted.  Each day I thank God for the blessing of life.  Tonight, I think I'll be thanking Him just a little bit longer

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