Jul 16, 2008

Being Productive

"There are certain moments in every person's day that, if excellently used, will determine the direction and quality of all the other moments. These certain moments are few in number-sometimes very few. They are necessarily hard moments, testing moments."   -Anon

I labeled this quote as anonymous because I can't remember where I read it from.  I was going through my old sent-messages today in my email, and I came upon this quote that I sent to a friend a couple of years ago.
Every day, I find that there are moments like this that I encounter.  Some of my moments are:
  • Waking up in the morning. I can't say that my whole day is ruined when I sleep in an extra 30 minutes, but it does annoy me when I lose this daily battle.
  • Coming home from school/work. When I'm tired and worn-out from the day's activities, this is the #1 moment that I enjoy being lazy.  But, I find that when I come home every day, if I do more productive things (doing the dishes, taking out the trash, exercising, etc.), it makes the rest of my day better.
Those two moments are for me the most applicable moments to the quote above.
I hate how my body convinces me to be lazy, but when I give in I hear it the rest of the day from my mind.  I guess that says something about the true nature of laziness.

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